Delta 36-5152T2 Contractor Table Saw Review

Delta 36-5152T2 table saw

Delta Power Tools manufactures the contractor table saw known as the Delta 36-5152T2, which has a 52-inch blade and a 15-amp motor.

The Delta 36-5152T2 table saw is a table saw with a medium-sized cutting capacity and weighs close to 250.45 lbs.

Product description:

It features a tabletop that is 52 inches long and is able to slice through large chunks of wood. This may be purchased for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,399.99 to $1,899.99
on average.

Top Three Characteristics:

It is Intended to Be Portable: The Delta 36-5152T2 table saw is designed to be portable so that it can be moved easily from one work location to another.

Table Saw Fence: The table saw fence is an important part that lets you make cuts that are always accurate. It may be adjusted to your needs and then locked in position so you can make precise cuts.

Dust Collection: This has a dust collection system that not only helps keep your workspace clean but also gathers sawdust and wood chips. In witch you can use it around the shop or your house for other thing like cleaning up spills, fire starter for fire places or wood stoves, you can also use it in your garden


Portable: Because this table saw is portable, it is easy for you to transport it from one work location to another.

Cuts that are precise: The fence’s adjustability enables you to make precise cuts each and every time.

Collecting of dust: The dust collection system is designed to assist in maintaining a clean working environment.


In comparison to other portable table saws on the market the pricing of the Delta is on the higher end.

A number of consumers have mentioned that it was delivered with missing parts that you have to get from the manufacturer.

Table top rusts farly easy


A large number of customers have said that the Delta 36-5152T2 exceeds their expectations in every way. They like how portable it is as well as the precision of the cuts it produces.

Overall, the Delta 36-5152T2 15-Amp 52-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Cast Extensions is a decent table saw that is suitable for anybody who needs a portable saw that is capable of making precise cuts. The dust collection system is another wonderful feature that assists in maintaining a clean working environment for you.

Attention all potential buyers: the Delta 36-5152T2 is a good option to investigate more before making a purchase. Follow the link to purchase or learn more about this item right now.

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